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Stone Sole Connection
LaStone® Therapy’s Reflexology Course

Reflexology will never be the same when it is applied with the use of temperatures!

Along with all of the benefits of Reflexology; relaxation, grounding, reduction of pain and balancing the systems of the body, temperature adds addition aspects. Alternating temperatures will help balance the nervous system, stimulate the lymphatic system and clear the energetic system of the body.

Warming the tissue of the feet and hands reduces tension and gives the therapist an opportunity to address the reflexes at a deeper level. This is accomplished through softening the soles of the feet, helping the feet to be more pliable and accepting of the treatment. Since Reflexology addresses the nervous system and meridians that enervate the feet and hands directly, we have a unique opportunity to get to the cause of imbalance directly. The cool stones stimulate those glands and organs that are sluggish and need that gentle push to bring them into balance.

I have offered this treatment to over a 100 people who have experienced Reflexology with the use of hands only. Their comments confirm that the use of stones bring a deeper level of relaxation. Many thought that the use of stones would be more painful than the use of hands, and were pleasantly surprised that they did not experience any of the pain that has been associated with Reflexology, and at the same time commented that the effects were deeper and longer lasting.

The treatment makes Reflexology a full body treatment by placing stones along the spine while in supine position (laying face up) and on the spine in prone position (laying face down). The deep relaxation is enhanced by offering the client warm or cool stones in their hands during the treatment.

Reflexology has been known to help with a number of imbalances in the body, correcting dis-ase as well as helping to relieve discomfort of symptoms of constipation, migraine headaches and has been known to help children with neuro-biological disorder.

LaStone® Therapy treatments mimics a fever and helps the body to strengthen its immune system, increase circulation, and balances the nervous system in a gentle grounded, sacred way.

All of these benefits are also offered in the Stone Sole treatment.

Classes are being offered in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Please check the ‘scheduled workshops’ key to find a course in your area.