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Reflexology Courses

The basic course offers insights into the history of Reflexology, gives several definitions and encourages the students to define Reflexology for themselves. A road map of how to find the reflexes is offered, as well as methods of feeling the reflexes and the techniques to address each one.

Contra indications, body mechanics, ethics and general procedures are all discussed.

The intermediate course teaches the function of the glands and organs of the body and the energy pathways in the feet and hands.

Visuals are used in both classes to help students focus on the reflexes along with hands-on practice. The classes are very interactive, (questions and answers, group presentations). The material is taught to access several of our human intelligences, (visual, auditory or kinesthetic) to make the classes informative, memorable and fun.

There are plans to offer Reflexology certification and a Teachers training in early 2013. Stay posted!