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Esalen Massage

Esalen Massage is the foundation for many other modalities. As far as I can tell, it was this intuitive work that massage therapist began the process of working with their clients, rather than on them, in a very conscious way.

The idea of long connecting strokes began as a sensual experience for the client, helping them to relax and trust that their whole being was cared for…

My experience having had 15 years experience in bodywork before I came to Esalen, was how effective 1 stroke with intention was; focus, listening with my hands, offering nurturing touch. I had noted that in former my massage I could deliver 100 to 200 strokes, assuring the client that every muscle, tendon and concern would be addressed. I soon realized that it was not about quantity it was about quality, again intention, paying attention to detail. The other quality that stands out for me is the feeling of wholeness, connectedness, as if being held in the womb of the Mother.

Having a massage at Esalen is an exquisite experience; the waiting room is sitting in a stone pool of warm sulfur water overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The massage areas are open, airy and communal. The constant sound of the ocean lulls you to the deep recess of your soul. The connected long strokes seem to extend the experience, so that many feel as if ‘time stands still’.

If you are ever on Pacific Coast Highway/ Highway One, between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, stop by or visit us at our website www.esalen.org.